[img src=]00Dalia Macphee
Canadian Fashion Designer Dalia MacPhee has had her gowns graced by the figures of celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Heidi Klum, Brooke Burke, Olivia Munn, Serena Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Khloe Kardashian, the stars of Glee and America's sweetheart gold-medalist Gabby Douglas.
[img src=]00Michael Jackson
In 1995 Jones & O'Malley worked on publicity for the King Of Pop. At the time he was promoting the 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future' album, we graciously set up interviews for Michael with Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Regis and Good Morning America.
[img src=]00Barrows Fine Wines & Spirits
Classic Distillers Ltd is primarily a Brand Development Company with a parent company is based in London and the United States. Classic Distillers Ltd have developed The Barrows Collection, XO Cognac, Pure Malt 12year Old Scotch, and 8-year-old Cask Rum, London Blue Gin, Edgerton’s Original Pink Gin and the signature champagne of the NBA Les Jeux.
[img src=]00Marilyn Monroe
In 1945 photographer André de Dienes hired a then 19-year-old Marilyn Monroe for her first modeling job. Many of the pictures remained in storage until 2002 when Jones & O'Malley handled the PR for the release of an exclusive publication of André de Dienes's complete Marilyn archives.
[img src=]00Eric The Trainer
Eric Fleishman is a Muscle and Fitness adviser, Golds Gym spokesperson, and a Hollywood physique expert with over 20 years experience in physical transformation, working with A-List actors, MMA fighters, and musicians. He also teaches at the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Academy and assists the LAPD, CHP and SWAT Teams. Jones & O'Malley helped Eric reach out to more people with interviews for Elle Magazine, KTLA and the Tyra Banks Show.
[img src=]00Magic Johnson
Do you like BBQ Sauce? It was an honor for Jones & O'Malley to help Magic Johnson promote his 'Showtime' BBQ Sauce, we helped Magic get his product into Von's, Ralph's and Costco.
[img src=]00Ohio Players
One of the funkiest groups of all time, the Ohio Players were formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1959 and by 1976 they were perhaps the biggest R&B band in the world by 1976, creating a series of memorable songs and albums over the including "Funky Worm," "Fire," "Skin Tight", "Who'd She Coo," and their biggest hit, "Love Rollercoaster."
[img src=]00Ed Stone
Ed has been playing the guitar since the age of 12. Fans of his music have called him the 'New George Benson', he has such a love and devotion to perform it is felt in the quality of his music. Not only a virtuoso Jazz Guitarist and song writer - Ed is also Physician with his own practice in Michigan.
[img src=]00Fye Boy
Straight out of Daytona Beach, FL comes FYE BOY, a rapper, entrepreneur and businessman. FYE's personal story is both inspiring and remarkable. At 19, he built his own recording studio and set up Fire Boy Entertainment as a promotions company, bringing established rap artist to Florida to perform. A young man with business savvy, it wasn’t long before FYE BOY opened a local convenience store and bought property in his neighborhood. In 2012, FYE BOY got into the energy drink market, FYE BOY was involved in every aspect, from the ingredients, to the taste, to the packaging. As of today FYE Energy is in 400 stores in central Florida.
[img src=]00Ronnie Hudson
Ronnie is an unsung hero of funk, soul and Hip Hop, he was the premier bassist at the infamous Stax Records, he played bass on Isaac Hayes "Shaft" he also produced Luther Ingram's "If Loving You I s Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Right", but what he is most famous for is his 1982 single "West Coast Poplock" sampled by Dr Dre & 2Pac for California Love.
[img src=]00Fluke Corporation
Fluke Corporation is a manufacturer of cutting edge industrial testing equipment with operations worldwide. Fluke designs, develops, manufactures, and sells commercial electronic test and measurement instruments for scientific, service, educational, industrial, and government applications. J&O act as product Placement agency for Fluke products securing their visibility on television and feature films.
[img src=]00The Neighborhood Bullys
Formed in 2002, The Neighborhood Bullys are a Los Angeles band of eclectic musical masterminds. The Bullys music oozes authenticity and sincerity. In modern terms their sound is comparable to Kings of Leon but with an underlying aesthetic of Iggy Pop and New York Dolls, mixed with an earthy slab of Mary Wells and Otis Redding, and a tinge of the pop sensibility of The Cars – hence the term they so lovingly use to describe themselves ‘Punk Soul’.
[img src=]00Genscape
Genscape Inc, are a company that provides real-time power supply information and price data across all energy markets (Nuclear Power, Natural Gas, Oil, Coal & Emissions) to support decision making for power marketers, regulators, utilities, distributors, also for hedge funds, traders and economists to mitigate risk as they trade energy commodities.
[img src=]00Kool & The Gang
Selling 70 million albums worldwide, Kool & The Gang's reputation for style and finesse is never dated. In 2007 Jones & O'Malley handled PR for the release of the hugely successful comeback album 'Still Kool', getting the guys on Good Morning America.
[img src=]00Paolo Gucci
In 1983, Paolo Gucci fell out with his fashion family. In good Italian style there was a boardroom quarrel that ended in a fistfight. Paolo went out on his own and Jones & O'Malley helped him launch an equestrian accessory line in the USA.
[img src=]00Patra
In 2012 J&O worked on a campaign for World famous Jamaican Dancehall Queen; Patra and her single, 'Come Ova'. Nuff Respect Due.
[img src=]00Jazz Crusaders
Wayne Henderson and The Crusaders are an American Jazz/Soul group. Since 1961, the group has released more than forty albums. Jones & O'Malley has handled PR for every record release since 1995.
[img src=]00REGEN Energy
REGEN Energy are a green technology company founded in 2005 with the goal of creating cost-effective practical technology solutions to electrical Demand Side Management. Their Swarm Energy Management™ reduces electrical demand and consumption charges by 15-30%. J&O successfully placed REGEN in every business publication from Bloomberg to Yahoo Finance.
[img src=]00Dr. Mike
Dr Mike is the Grassroots Gourmet putting the pleasure into healthy food. Dr. Michael Fenster is an interventional cardiologist and professional Chef. By combining his medical expertise and culinary talents; Dr. Mike is leading a revolution for eating well and living better. In 2011 Jones & O'Malley worked our magic to get Dr. Mike as a regular contributor to The Daily Buzz CW National TV show.
[img src=]00John Kay & Steppenwolf
John Kay is a Canadian singer/songwriter and guitarist known as the frontman of Steppenwolf. In 2007 Jones & O'Malley helped John and the band promote one final gig to end a triumphant 40th year of touring.
[img src=]00Cheetah Girls
In 2002 a young singing group of all American girls came to Jones & O'Malley for publicity and exposure, a year later they were signed to Disney as the Cheetah Girls.